This pigment is a concentrated elixir ready to use.  There are no dangerous powders to mix and deal with.  These mineral pigments are consistent quality that guarantees to reproduce color strength, shade and rheology.

  • Color Index: PBr8, Color Constitution Number 77728, 77730
  • Type: inorganic
  • Chemical Composition: Manganese Brown
  • Pigment Description: Reddish brown to brownish black
  • Opacity: 2-3 (1=Opaque 4=Translucent)
  • Light Fastness: I (I=excellent - IV=weak)
  • Usage Interior/Exterior: Interior
  • Usage: Lime Plaster, paint, concrete, most natural products.
  • Ph Factor: tolerates ph. 13
  • VOC - FREE, Non-toxic
  • Notes: Avoid dust and spray

Eco-friendly Green Building Product


Authentic Imported Italian Plaster

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