Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions we receive are answered right here! First, take a moment to look over our FAQ to see the answers to our most popular questions. 

How long until I receive my order?

Each product is made-to-order which causes a production line. Typically our turnaround time is 1 to 2 business days from the time of your order. Once the order is produced it ships that evening with UPS Ground or USPS Priority, depending on the size of your order. Most customers receive their orders within 4-6 business days.

Do you have color samples?

Since the colors that we offer are not proprietary, we do not have color samples. We can match any Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore color, so you can consult with one of their swatches if you want to see the color in-person. If the color that you need is not from one of those companies, then we can create a custom color formula for you for a $50 formulation fee. If you have a preexisting color that you want matched exactly, you can send us a sample and we will match it. 

  • Send samples to: Firmolux ATTN: Kim | 1907 12th st W Bradenton, FL 34205


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! For all international orders, please contact us directly at with what you would like to order as well as your shipping details so that we can get an international shipping quote before invoicing you.


Why isn't my bucket full?

All of our products are sold by weight and will vary in standard sized gallon buckets. Since the products vary in densities, 5kg of one product will take up more or less space than 5kg of a different product in the same Gallon bucket. So, although your bucket may not be filled, it does weigh the same as what you ordered and will yield the expected square footage.


How do I apply venetian plaster?

The best way to learn other than an in-person training, is to get your hands on a quart of product and begin making sample boards. We highly recommend watching these Training Videos as well as reading through these Detailed Application Tips


Which sealer do you recommend?

To see the application and results of our waxes watch this video from Ron Layman at or skip to the timestamps of the waxes that you are interested in:


Soapstone: 1:58
DecorWax: 8:50
BeesWax: 12:50
SpatulaWax: 17:55


Glaze n Seal is great for exterior applications as well as high splash zones because of its ability to lock out moisture. Check out this demonstration video: Glaze n Seal


Can I apply venetian plaster to this surface?

The ideal surface for Venetian Plaster is a level 4 or 5 smooth surface. Regardless of the surface that you have, it needs to be as smooth as possible before applying your primer as the primer will not fix joints or inconsistencies of depth. Select the primer that is closest to the granulation size of your plaster to set up your project for success. (See Below)

Which primer should I use?

MicroPrimer: Grassello, Metallic Grassello, Marmorino Berlina

Anchor Primer: Marmorino Piatto, Intonaco Mezzo

Still need help?

Email Us     Call/Text: +1 941-962-1541
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