Spatula Wax


Spatula Wax - protective solvent-based wax/paste 


Spatula wax is a paste like solvent-based penetrating wax especially designed for Italian lime plasters. No offensive odors.  Formulated to protect and polish Italian lime plaster finishes and will add protection and luster to any finish. Waxes add contrast and depth to your plaster finish.  We recommend sampling them before starting on your finished wall.  If you plan to use wax for your project, then we recommend making your sample wall finish with the wax to see if it meets your taste.  We recommend splitting tape down the middle of your finished sample board. Do half with wax, and the other half without wax to see the difference and to get approval from your client if needed.

Instructions for use 

  • Apply with Stainless steel trowel, spatula or buffing cloth
  • Application of 1 or more coats according to needs
  • Don’t over apply; during application the product is absorbed leaving a thin layer on surface, any excess must be removed
  • It's better to apply multiple coats than to put the wax on thick.  Over waxing will cause clouding in the plaster especially with darker color.  
  • After about 10-20 min and not more than 1-2 hours, proceed to polishing with special cloths or using a polishing machine with a new cotton or wool pad for an ultimate shine.
  • Multiple coats are suggested in areas where heavy traffic or splashing of water or food/oil. (Consider masonry sealer for these areas instead of wax)
    • PLEASE NOTE: Polishing machines should only be used once you burnished the finish. It’s not designed to replace burnishing. 
    • USE WITH CAUTION: Buffers could scratch the finish and leave swirls marks.  (let the machine do the work not your arms).
  • Packaging: 1-liter. and 2.5-liters.
  • Protect from water for at least 48 hours
  • Temperature for best application is 40° - 95

Eco-friendly Green Building Product


Authentic Imported Italian Plaster

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