Savon de Marseille (Soapstone wax)

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Savon de Marseille (soapstone wax)

A special ecological water based protective coating especially made for porous surfaces such as Venetian plaster and will protect the surface from dust and dirt. Originally designed for polishing soapstone sculptures and decorative stone. Made from pure French Marseilles soap and other natural additives, it allows this product to be washable without altering the transpiration of the surface. Protects the surface and allows the wall to remain breathable.

· Dense Paste

· Whitish Mayonnaise in color

· Water soluble, can be diluted and tinted.

· Coverage per 2kg is about 800 Ft²

· Ph: 9-11 depending on dilution 

Eco-friendly Green Building Product


Authentic Imported Italian Plaster

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