Nero III (black) Oxide


This pigment is a concentrated elixir ready to use.  There are no dangerous powders to mix and deal with.  These mineral pigments are consistent quality that guarantees to reproduce color strength, shade and rheology.

Special Note: Designed to work well with earth tones, browns and yellows.

  • Color Index: PBk33, Color Constitution Number 77537
  • Type: Synthetic Inorganic;
  • Chemical Composition: Manganese and iron oxide
  • Pigment Description: Black
  • Opacity: 1 (1=Opaque 4=Translucent)
  • Light Fastness: I (I=excellent¬†-¬†IV=weak)
  • Usage Interior/Exterior: Interior or Exterior
  • Usage: Lime Plaster, paint, concrete, most natural products.
  • Ph factor: tolerates ph. 13
  • VOC - FREE, Non-toxic
  • Notes: Avoid dust and spray

Eco-friendly Green Building Product


Authentic Imported Italian Plaster

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