Anchor Primer™

Penetrating Lime Primer


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    200 square feet per gallon (1 coat diluted as much as 40-50%)

    Material Cost

    0.18 - .25 cents per sq ft  depending on dilution


    Product comes natural white. Can be tinted to match any color desired.

    Ph Factor

     13 ph

    Granulation Size Range

    200 µm (microns) / 0.2mm

    Suggested Coats

    For best results apply one full coat. The primer can also be diluted up to 35-40% with clean water for new construction with level 5 finishes.


    Sold by weight.  1kg (1-quart) to 20kg (5-gallons)


    44 lbs. / 20 kg. per 5 gallons


    Anchor Primer™ is a consolidating micro acrylic water based insulator for internal and external use, and is composed of water soluble acrylic resin. This quartz primer permits the primer to be absorbed into the surface, creating a bond between the wall and the finish product you choose to apply. It should be used under our heavier plasters like Marmorino Piatto and Intonaco Mezzo.

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    Eco-friendly Green Building Product


    Authentic Imported Italian Plaster

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